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mono.... Now you know why I was out buying 1000 advil. I still think that day you may have needed them more than I did.

SNeacail ... I went to my lawyer first and you are correct and that hurdle has been over come.... I just didn't want get into the legal minutiae here.

River... thanks for the reply ... As to insight ..... It doesn't matter how many people see problem or its possible fix. If the person who has said problem doesn't see it or refuses to acknowledge it makes things a lot more interesting. To be very honest I think this is like the perfect storm. Parent modeling, trauma from multi-parents and divorces, etc... brain chemistry was treated for depression...parents both alcoholics again chemistry.... mid life crisis which include hormonal changes again back to chemistry. I would be surprised in it was a combination of all those listed and 5 more factors uncovered during the process.

Now I knew what was up 2 days before the trip.... Not from anything being said directly but we exchanged a glance in which she had to look away. She knew I knew what her intentions were. I could have said I wanted her to go or that I thought family time was important.. I didn't. I thought if you don't want to be with us I don't want you with us for all of the natural reasons.

We had a similar argument back in oct or nov. She planned a spring break vacation to Florida for the 3 of us. That's never happened before, always the entire family and sometimes extended family. A month earlier she was talking about all the vacation day she needed to use. My HUGE problem was the selling of it to the kids first... When I blew up she said she was just trying to do something nice and that she was going to pay the 3500 dollar condo and airfare my end was food and rent a car, what a nice gesture on her part.

Wants and needs all seem to blend at some point.
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