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Okay, while I've basically caught up, I still haven't read the bit about the accident. Sometimes it's necessary to "skim". Otherwise, a boy has no life.

The picture I'm getting is that She is in in NRE, and at the moment He's everything to her.
That happens, and it's not hers or anyone else's fault. And also it seems that she's probably not her own primary. Yet. And what that means is that she's got love flowing with herself (if she's 'her own primary'). Simply put. She's perhaps wanting and "needing" that from other/s, as if it were not an "inside job". If we're lucky, at some point, we realize it's all an inside job.: We "get" about as much as we give. But if we feel empty (a "hole"), it's difficult at best to imagine anything that isn't a Life Raft Situation (LRS). A situation in which we're needing to be rescued by a knight or princess in Shining Amour. The illusion is always brief--however convincing at the moment.

My hope and wish for all of us is that we Wake Up from the Story and its feelingtones. That's why that book -- "Radical Acceptance" touched my heartstrings as it did. See: thread on Spirituality and Polyamory >>> "Radical Acceptance" -- which is about loving self as "primary". Hugs!

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