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Hahaha, Happiest Man, you crack me up! No kicking puppies, just realize you are dealing with some passive-aggressive martyrdom there, ha! I can't even imagine trying to keep three women happy -- I am just one, and TWO men can hardly handle it

Vodkafan, your wife sounds amazing. And I suspect that the reason she is not getting "worn out" is the fact that both of you men are loving, respectful, and gentle with her.

Thanks for putting it out there, how this can actually work. Maybe more families could stay together and more marriages could survive if people could consider a poly lifestyle as a possible solution to their lovestyles. But most of us have never seen a working example! This is creative and loving thinking at its best. Kudos to you and your family, and others here as well who are exploring solutions, rather than giving up on the relationships that mean the most.
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