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I knew I was in love with my husband after our first date. I knew my entire life had changed. I also recognized it was the first "real" love I'd ever felt.

With our gf, I fell in love in about three weeks. The feelings were eerily similar to the ones I felt for him early on... the difference was we hadn't yet met in person. I wondered if the feelings would change or dissipate once we met, but they didn't... they grew, intensified and became much bigger and stronger... and more challenging and complex.

These are the only people I have ever loved. Though my love for him has time and history, I love her in the same way I love him. The difference, though, is that I never thought I loved a woman before her. In fact, despite being bi, I'd always thought I could never love a woman. Too much drama and effort.

Well, falling in love with her was effortless, though probably the most dramatic thing to ever happen in our lives. It's not always an easy thing, but it wasn't a choice. I fell in love with her, just as I fell in love with him (which for the first year, was also NOT easy). It's not a choice. I will deal with the effort required to make things work simply because I love her and want her in my life, in our lives. I will do whatever I can to ensure that it works, because I will love her regardless, and so losing her would mean having a broken heart and not feeling whole again.
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