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Default Thank you, River

Thanks for the welcome I'm diligently reading the newcomers' posts. My husband and I have never been monogamous and that was a huge part in our courtship, leading up to marriage. However, we are faithful and there has never been any cheating. Tried the swinging lifestyle but (and this may sound crazy to some) it was boring. The sex was formulaic, non-expressive (how much emotion can you express to someone you just met!?!) and not fulfilling on an emotional or spiritual plane. But? We've met someone through a mutual friend and I'm so turned around right now that I actually turned to the INTERNET to find out information on how a possible triad poly relationship could work...if it CAN work... And how to navigate through some of the murkier waters. I suppose the triad itself ISN'T weird thing at all. It's what the dynamics of this relationship are and the players in them Like I said, I need to not compare and simply identify with others' feelings who are treading these same waters.
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