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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post

Can you see that you are creating these situations? If you know that the outcome is going to be undesirable (judgement and disapproval) why are you continuing to bring it up? If you want to change the outcome, change your approach.

Actually, this is a hurtful suggestion, though I'm certain you didn't intend to be hurtful. I know it well because I used to live in the gay/bi closet, and know how damaging that has been to my psyche and development -- but it was essentially forced upon me by the heterosexist and homophobic culture I lived in at the time. (There were zero out gay/bi men/people in my neighborhoods growing up.)

What you have done here, Fidelia, is suggested that Fayerweather remain in the closet (or, if out already, at least shut up about her life and loves). But that's actually the harder and more painful path than the truth and vulnerability.
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