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Originally Posted by Rebellion View Post
Hello, recently I've become attracted to a woman I met online. When the time came for us to finally tell each other we were falling for one another, she told me she was Poly. She is a submissive and this guy is her master. She told me she thought she would never have another love besides him, but I came along. When she first told me I was shocked, I had heard about poly but never met anyone that was actually doing it. I'm not poly, well I guess not yet? I have worries that she will love him more, or that I'm not going to be good enough or something along those lines. They have a BDSM relationship, ours will be a monogomous (can't spell) Relationship. She has assured me many times I mean the world to her and she won't let me go. Is it normal for me to have these awkward feelings?
Completely and utterly normal welcome and gday... howdy and hello... pull up a chair sit down and have a chat

Oh I forgot to mention - good luck
Smile! It makes people wonder what you've been up to

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