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Default New to all this and need advice

Hello, recently I've become attracted to a woman I met online. When the time came for us to finally tell each other we were falling for one another, she told me she was Poly. She is a submissive and this guy is her master. She told me she thought she would never have another love besides him, but I came along. When she first told me I was shocked, I had heard about poly but never met anyone that was actually doing it. I'm not poly, well I guess not yet? I have worries that she will love him more, or that I'm not going to be good enough or something along those lines. They have a BDSM relationship, ours will be a monogomous (can't spell) Relationship. She has assured me many times I mean the world to her and she won't let me go. Is it normal for me to have these awkward feelings?
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