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Default Some Advice Please ... welcoming his lover

So my husband just met a new girl... about a week ago. They have been talking and it seems they have hit it off at least a little. They have a date Friday.

I'm excited about it. Almost as much as he is. I'm also nervous as hell. I've had a lover for a year now, but he has only had flings. He wants this to be a lover situation, and I am behind him completely.

I'm unsure how to welcome her.

Do I leave myself out of it for awhile? Meet her asap (Friday is not a possibility, I'm in GA right now, he is in TX)?
Do I let her lead the conversation? assure her I approve? Let her know why we do this or our rules? (I should leave that to him I think, but I'm not sure)

I'm not good with girls! I only have one female friend. I've always been one of the guys, but I want to have a good relationship with her like he has with my lover.

What do I do??? How do I help this relationship???
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