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haha.. I have a couple...but this is my favorite

My proposal to pengrah happened in Puertto Vallarta. Sneaking the ring down there was a bitch. I almost got busted at the border with a bag check. I had to beg security to take me into the back so Beth wouldn't see it.

Anyways, I had booked a nice restaurant, for the sunset where we would have the private deck facing the bay itself. We ordered our food, there was a dozen roses I had ordered as well. Walking in, I had handed the engagement ring to the porter. Right as the sun set, he came out with the champagne in glass. She almost swallowed her engagement ring.

As she said yes, the bay lit up with fireworks. Completely by accident, but nightly at sunset the bay lights up. I got a standing ovation from the rest of the restaurant for that little tidbit.

I know thats not a real date, but its one of my fondest date memories. I have many with Pengrah.

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