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Good for you. I hope I can be as enthusiastic. I'm trying and most of the time I'm cool, like when she sent him a Valentine's card for the first time and he was over-the-moon. Even though when I broached the subject of Valentine's I initially got "horrible, commercial hum bug"

My partner is deeply in love with a woman who has until now kept him at a certain distance because he is in a relationship with me. I've had to work with her at a pace which for me is painfully slow, for her to feel confident enough to open up to him. She is now doing it more and more and while he's not exactly in NRE (their relationship is ten years old), he does get incredibly excited each time she moves closer to him. I suppose I feel a bit like a Push-me Pull-you on Dr Dolittle. I have to push her towards him in a way and then I have to overcome my own natural instincts to want to pull him away.
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