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Everything that you say in your last post is very normal.

Welcome to what it feels like to be in a poly relationship! Take heart, it gets easier and can be very rewarding. It will make you deal with stuff that you didn't previously know you were struggling with. Will make you see yourself differently about how you are with people and how important you are to those you love and who you love. It will make you not settle for anything but the best for yourself and in turn make you your best.

It is for me the best work I have done on myself and has made me very proud. You won't believe the results.

That being said, it isn't for everyone and its okay if you decide it isn't for you because the emotions attached run so high. Everyone has there interests and knows their limits.

You have to be able to push yourself and your loved ones beyond their comfort and yours. You have to be able to communicate instantly even if you're feeling insular, mopey and self involved. Nothing will be hidden. You will not have much time for yourself as you a may be used to and have to be able to drop your stuff at the drop of a hat sometimes.
On the flip side you will get so much love and attention. Anything you ask for you will most likely get from someone. There is nothing like it. At least in my experience. I am so blessed to be given so much and be able to give so much love.

Good luck! You'll need it
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