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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Now I did ask, because I remember her enjoyment, or at least I thought I did. Answer, I changed, don't like it now.
I went through this, don't know if it was age, having kids or something else. I used to love to go off roading with my husband, now I can't stand it. When I was younger, it was thrilling, now such activities really make me anxious and it isn't enjoyable at all. Now the only place I have a "need for speed" is on the ski slopes and even that will change depending on my fitness level and my sense of control.

Based on some of your other posts, I can only suggest you may need help from a professional. There does seem to be other issues here with you wife constantly searching for something new and better.

Now, did the trip to Vegas come up only the day before they ski trip, or did it just take her that long to bring up the fact that she was changing her plans? Don't blame you for being upset with her, it was a rotten thing to do.

I had/have 2 broken ribs, sprained left knee and bruised kidney.
. Ouch!!!! Hope you heal up fast. This is why I now always wear a helmet.
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