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Red face Blonde couple in SW iso Lovely lady to make third partner

Let us begin by telling you a bit about ourselves; we are young, both blonde with blue eyes and relatively good looking. You can call me Bre and my husband is Mark; I have my own car. We also have several dogs, a kitten, a fish, and had sugar gliders (we recently rehomed them due to lack of attention {they needed more, it wasn't fair}). My husband and i wholly managed our own pet salon and grooming business located in South Miami until about a week ago (our partner took the money and ran) so we lost that but gained very valuable experience and knowledge about many aspects of business and human nature. I believe i still prefer the animals to their parents. I am deft with my hands as well as my tongue {of which at times we both take great joy in lashing: P} and am a very affectionate person. I suppose I tend to love easily, and for that I cannot be sorry, although more often than not it leads to me getting hurt or mistreated. But here i prattle on, I've said more than enough of myself other than physical description: 5'5", regularly about 120 (I’m about 104 right now, been fairly stressed with the loss of the shop and the irritation of my ex) with fair skin, medium length hair which is naturally sandy blonde and untinted, and am nicely portioned (or have been told so). My husband is 6'0" with fair skin and shortish golden blonde hair (pics do him better justice) and the most amazing blue eyes. Now, the Deal. I know it may sound strange to some, but there's many reason to have a third partner in a relationship. Sometimes it's to add 'spice', sometimes it's because one or both feel they still lack something (figuratively speaking, an emotional lacking in this case) but for whatever the reason, there are definite ground-rules and agreements that should be made and discussed before any hasty or rushed moves are made. We are not necessarily looking for an instant long-term relationship, although for the right woman we have more than enough love, permanently. ♥ With us there is no jealousy, no envy, no overbearing or controlling nature, so long as there in fidelity, trust, and honesty. We would like a lovely young lady portioned adequately, who is no older than 26 and no younger than 18, with an equally beautiful personality to spend time with, go out with and just generally enjoy life. If interested please Looking forward to hearing from you, don't be shy to try a new treat! :}

Epic Fail: Located in SW Florida

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