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It all turned out okay.

I pouted for a few minutes, then I got mad and informed him that I looked too darn pretty to be treated with anything less than the best. I think he found it amusing and enjoyed being at my beck and call all evening. A great time was had, much sushi eaten, and I'm stuffed to the gills. I think Easy got a kick out of it every time I looked down my nose at him and informed him that I was too pretty to be hanging out at the dollar theater or the dollar store, LOL--because he actually suggested we run some errands while we were out! Crazy man.

LR, as long as you are happy with what you are wearing, and are getting some much-needed self-love, then your nightdress and jogging socks are the most beautiful clothes in the world. I hope you're having a good getaway! Mmmm..peanut butter and strawberries....

River, I'll check out Radical Acceptance, but I'm a little leery of anything with "radical" in the name.
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