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ps - re:

that sounds awesome! is it a water fall? I have to look this up! i simply LOVE water falls! thanks Im just sad i missed this before we went up last summer, but perhaps for next summer!! I love the berkshires!

I love Shelburne Falls. Lovely small town. Have stopped there on the way to Maine and NH from NYC, it's very nice for a short visit. Don't think there's much to do for longer visits, though.

Besides the glacial potholes, there's the Bridge of Flowers. I attended a women's herbal conference in Shelburne Falls once, but I don't think they hold it there anymore. One of the people involved owned a Christmas tree farm there which lets you go in a truck with a shovel and dig up your own tree, keeping roots intact, and then you replant it after Christmas. Don't know if they still do that.
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