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We did read up on unicorns, so truth be told I was using the term loosely (we don't even know if she's bi - but she's pretty open-minded so who knows). I was mainly illustrating that this woman is (at least currently) in the realm of perfect unrealistic fantasy. She means more to us as the catalyst for our internal discussion as a couple, self-discovery, and subsequent resolve to explore. We spent some time with her today as a matter of fact, and afterwards PS and I just had to laugh at how bad we have it for her and how clueless she is to it all. Maybe we'll tell her down the road, but for now it seems inappropriate.

As far as us specifically "looking for" a unicorn - sure, that'd be awesome, but we're just starting out so what happens happens. We're just excited and very nervous. As a mono couple for so long, we never thought we'd be "dating" again, let alone under these circumstances. Ideally, we would love to meet a third that we could both form a close bond with, but we kinda picked her side first as she's more nervous and what she is looking for is easier to find than mine is. Exciting!

Anyway, thanks for the tip on searching dating threads - I hadn't thought of that. I was mainly concerned that if I expressed a liking or disliking for particular named sites that it may be against the forum rules. I'll try the search next.

Thanks for the PM! Following up on that after I post this...
"[Polyamory] is not all wine, chocolates, and fucking..." horribly paraphrased from RedPepper
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