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Well, Easy and Asha are on a date. I think this is their first "real", romantic date, where they get dressed up and go to a restaurant and the whole purpose is to spend time together and NOT to discuss schedules or other family members or anything like that. Yesterday I was a mess, I think because I have a lot of bad Valentine's history, and I was scared that today was going to be more of the same. He swears that it won't be that way. I'm doing all right so far--typically, he leaves me with the responsibility like watching children, running errands, and taking care of life, while he goes out and does something fun. Also, I end up giving up what's important to me because there isn't time for it or something else has to be accomplished or I just don't feel like I've made the priority list. In order to stay sane, I've decided that when he's out having fun, I'm going to be doing things for myself. I would love to go out and get my bi-annual haircut, but I waited too long and didn't get an appointment. Sigh. Also, I communicated my fears to Easy and he says he understands and it won't happen this time. I made a list of things that I needed to have happen to make me feel like I was a priority this Valentine's Day, which he says he's read. He says he will make sure that my needs get met today. So far, I'm doing all right.

I was taking an anti-depressant to alleviate a painful condition I have, but I was sad all of the time while I was taking it, so I didn't take it last night. (I already know that it leaves the body in about 24 hours, and the doctor said to take it as needed so I know I don't have to take it every day.) I'm so much better today that I think it was definitely making me down. That's disappointing for me, because it does help with the pain. But that's probably why I was *such* a mess yesterday.

I wish that hair salon would call me back and say, why yes, we do have an appointment available for you and we can style and color your hair just in time for Easy to get home.

Sunday is a goober. He did finally ask me out--last night, at dinner, he leaned over and said, "So, Monday? About noonish?" Literally. I had a flashback to every bad romantic teen comedy made in the 80's. First, that he just assumes that I'm going to have saved the date JUST IN CASE he decided to ask me out, second that he can ask less than 48hrs in advance and I'll jump at it, and third that I'm just supposed to say yes and not ask questions--like, even, what restaurant. Of course, I did all of that, so I'm really hoping that doesn't make me completely pathetic. At least he's really taking me to a restaurant, and not Chipotle or something. Which would have been fine, but maybe a bit more casual than one would hope. Now, since we're both such stunning conversationalists, I fully anticipate long, awkward silences. I wish I was a bit more...I don't know, graceful? Articulate?

Okay, my phone isn't ringing. I guess I'm going to have to give up on the stunning new look for Valentine's.
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