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It has only recently become seamless now that we all are in the same house. When I was going back and forth over more a day or two it was different. I still spend the same length of time with Mono and PN, just lots of short bits in between and more time together.

I have a hard time with transition at the best of times. The transition back and forth drove me crazy and was really difficult. I hated it. I lost it a few times, then we created some boundaries about it in terms of me having an hour to just "be" at either end of my time back and forth and then it was just second nature to have that time to adjust. Even LB got into it and understood it.

I never got entirely used to it and major events and holidays were the worst. It naturally seemed to indicate that we either moved closer together in terms of a family and eventually live together. We paced it well I think. We didn't rush... it all happened when everyone was good and ready. As my blog indicates
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