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Hi Vodkafan,

We haven't communicated in a while

Just wondering why you're asking this? I hope it's because it's working so well for you you're wondering why it isn't more common? Or maybe you're putting it out there as a solution for others. Don't get me wrong; I'm sure it can and does work for some people but.....

I would hate it. In fact for me it's getting a teeny bit close for comfort, probably (hopefully) just in my mind.

Z's preferred living arrangement would be similar to Red Pepper and Mono's. Us all in a big house together with separate spaces. I'm fine with that, if it ever happened but I think perhaps J might prefer the two separate houses with Z moving between. She's an artist and has always had her own special space.

I feel like I have put too much of my life into this relationship to end up having it only part-time. Two houses would feel so much more part-time than us all in one.

Anyway we're all still a long way off either situation happening, it just makes me think.

Another thing I thought was that it if I was your wife I would find it draining. Because each of you guys have been away from her for a few days you are going to be really keen to see her. That means that she is going to have to keep going at a much more full-on pace of relationship for most of the time. I do wonder whether it will be sustainable for her over a long period. How long have you been doing this so far?
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