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As you know we have a similar arrangement. I am at/in Mono's house for part of my week and part of the week in my other "house." Your wife and I sound like we are very similar, as you and I have discussed before. The only difference is that she is poly fi and I am not. Oh how I wish that I could be... but then there are times I wish I weren't poly too, but there is no point because I am who I am.

I seem to be very good at dividing my time, and energy. Now that Mono lives below I don't ever feel that I am away from my child. That was huge for me when he was across the city during the time I spent at Mono's. Now I hear him over head and he knows he can use the intercom when he needs me... which, strangely enough he never does.

I don't tend to over think about what we do any more. Not that you are over thinking, just that at one point I did. Now I just have other things occupying that space in my head.

Tonight PN is reading, while I am on here. I spent the first half of the day, until 3 with Mono... all last night too, from supper time on. On Tuesday I will do the same. I might have another night in there and a morning. Now that we live together there is far more fluidity to when I go from one place to the other. It kind of happens. Everyone is extremely considerate of each other and checking in is a constant. Texting, emailing, phoning, coming up and down the stairs to stay connected... all very important and natural to us all now.
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