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I am a 42 year old woman living in Northern B.C. I am single, have 2 adult children and one grandchild.

I like to think I'm easy going. I try not to sweat the small stuff in life. I'm opinionated and state my opinion often. I love a good debate, even if it turns into an argument. I believe in telling the truth and accept no less from the people in my life. I will admit when I'm wrong, but am not always graceful about it.

I have been in a poly relationship for 3 years. I have known my partners for 15 years, and they have been married for amost 30 years. I love my best g/f, but we are not intimate. I guess we have a V. We share emotions, feelings, thoughts and the same man.

We don't live together, except on weekends. We have been known to be under the same roof for as long as 2 weeks, but that's about as long as we can make it before "M" (my g/f) and I start going head to head, and "D" starts shaking his head.

Everyday is a struggle for us. Our issues can be very overwhelming, and I'm thankful I found people who are open and likeminded to talk to.
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