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Originally Posted by River View Post
Seems most/many of us are having some difficulty relating our skin to our skin! Why not let our skin -- therefore -- be our skin?!
I was thinking just a few hours ago, what we experience directly by our skin is true, the information we exchange with words is less real. Our whole body is a unity. I believe when we touch each other, our bodies communicate with each other as well as our minds, our souls...It's all one. And certainly, I'm responsible for the experiences I make with my body, no doubt about that. My sexual respectively my erotic experiences are a reflection of my own state of mind - and the state of the society around me -, which applies to any kind of communication. In is out and out is in, one could also say above is below and good is bad. Our thinking based on the long time ruling of the catholic church has twisted many things, particulary when it comes to erotic pleasures, the division of mind/ spirit and body. Similar developments appeared with the invention of money. Our bodies are representations for abstract money value. The body is a form for value and each organ is only an expression of the value (money number "....") of the whole body. These forms of value exist only in what we might call spirit or mind, be it psychology and its different definitions of consciousness, natural sciences (numbers, modells for explaining reality with no regard to life as such), any other sciences and religion. Unreal terms are exchanged for other irrational terms with no relation to the life-process as a whole. Man, and his role as the observer is neglected and he becomes part of a static definition of reality. Illness is the result, as the body reacts on the conditions. It's a disruption, a compartmentalization like in business, in bureaucracy, in the health system and in all institutions, in all the money ruled structures, that's what we grew up with. We should ask ourselves, what processes take place in our lives, why, do we want this, how can we practically make things better (turn illness into a weapon against the norm) in the relations we live in?

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