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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Men need to at least shave their balls (I cana't believe I posted that)
But see, that's the part that I think is the weirdest to shave! Besides, it seems like it'd be difficult.

I mean, it's like culture shock for me. I'm married for over ten years to a pretty hairy guy, before which had never been with a man who shaved. That would've been extremely odd back then. It was even kind of kinky and unusual back then for women to shave without at least leaving some little patch there. I only started doing it myself recently but I can't bring myself to go completely bald (seems silly to me, I think a nicely shaped and trimmed patch looks better).

BUT NOW!!! Since becoming single again, manscaping seems to be the trend, and four men I've been with shave or wax everything. I could see trimming but shaving everything? Smooth gonads that show every wrinkle? They're so weird-looking! And when the pants come off and that's what I see, my first thought is, "What? Another one?" I like how it all feels, but it's like I've been transported to an alternate universe!
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