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OK, so not quite as soon as I'd hoped......

After I finished texting with Possibility I got to thinking (dangerous, I know ). Male partner left this morning and will be gone for a few days so he was most certainly not happy about having to leave. Apparently he apologized to Possibility when he got home that night. I guess he had realized just how he really sounded? (MP will be the male partner as it's too confusing to keep typing he, not to mention redundant) .

I know money's tight for them so they are going to have to use their imaginations to find/do things which are inexpensive or free! They are most definitely not the athletic/sporty types so sledding/tobogganing are definitely OUT of the question, lol.

I finally, FINALLY, managed to get my point across about a family get together for the 20th so Possibility changed the babysitting date to the 27th. For some reason it took me getting totally upset to get it into Possibility's brain what I was really asking! grrrrrrrrrrrrr I'm thinking that this time, when we're all together on the 20th, we'll set a tentative date for the next time. Our next holiday is Easter so maybe that weekend.

Yes, we most definitely need to work on our communication skills! I've gotten so used to how Breathes & I communicate that I'm having to learn new communication skills in order to get my point across to those who don't 'talk' in the same way that we do. It's tough though as most of the communication between Possibility & myself is done via IM/text. You'd think that would make it easier though, wouldn't you? Not so, at least not in this case. His short term memory is random at best. His mind is going a 1000 miles a minute and can rarely stay on one topic for more than a couple of minutes.

My thoughts are generally rather organized so that I know the next step in the process. Learning how to communicate with someone who's thoughts are all random and jumping all over the place is certainly an exercise in patience! In most circumstances I'm fairly patient. It seems I'm learning how to be patient in the face of ?futility? ?randomness? I'm not sure what the word I'm really looking for is. It's something I can't control no matter how much I want to, not matter how frustrated or upset I get with him. There are certain instances where I can slow his thought process & accompanying hyperactivity down to a level where I can cope. (He's submissive so doing certain things to his person will slow those processes to a speed I can handle.)

Hmmmmmmmmmm, for those of you who live with, or date, a person with ADHD how do you cope? What mechanisms have you devised for yourself in order to be able to stay in the same space with them even though their fidgeting gets on your nerves? I've got the constant reminders, especially when it's something new being added to the routine, repeating myself many times (I HATE repeating myself in ordinary circumstances), asking to make sure I've understood him correctly, repeating back the phrase I'm replying to if it isn't the one he has just uttered, tunnel vision on something other than the fidgeting. I do all of this with some degree of success but I'm looking to add more mechanisms for variety and maybe more success or maybe something which works better than what I'm already doing.

Enough for now. I think my brain has finally wound down now, lol.
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