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Dave, I'm Trish and new to this also. You can read a bit more about me here...

Anyhow, something that I shared with my husband about this lifestyle (I'm the one who's done all the research and reading, thus far), is that in my opinion, it makes much more sense than what our society believes is the right way to have a relationship: one-one-one. Why do I think that?


let's consider the huge divorce rate we have in our country. Somehow it's okay for us to marry, divorce, marry, divorce, love em, leave em, love em, leave em. Why is that okay and it's not okay for us to love more than one at a time? I love my husband and don't want to live without him, but I am human and attraction (physical, emotional and mental) to others will occur. I would be lying if I said that would never happen.

I believe that we can each fulfill the areas of our lives that need love, attention, affection, stimulation, comfort, sympathy, etc. with more than one soul-mate. It just makes more sense to me than the way society views love and relationships.
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