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You are both young, and she younger... perhaps in maturity level also. This seems all so grown up for two people that are 17 and 18. Why should she be with you all the time, think of you all the time, consider you all the time. She should be out with her friends, meeting people, establishing who she is. Eventually she will change and grow, as we all do... all through life. You could stay and watch that blossom in her and blossom in you, or you could hang on to what you think it should be and make yourself think its all her and her lack of maturity. I dunno, there is something a miss here. Perhaps you are just too different or perhaps you could let go a bit and just enjoy the person she is for who she is. I think she needs some space perhaps. Give her some space ad work on some boundaries. Maybe that would work... but approach it with her in terms of love and respect for who she is. Whining and complaining that she is not mature enough could make her leave you. (not that you are whining and complaining, maybe angrily judging? I don't know that either, only you do)
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