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Well... things are still going with everyone, but not without a hitch. It's like every time the other spends time with the girl, there is a bout of jealousy that we have to deal with and get under control. Seems like every single time...

So I had a discussion with her today about how everything is going (I woke up this morning feeling very jealous, thinking of HIM waking up with her while I was home alone....insecurity. Why SHOULDN'T i feel great waking up alone!?)
We talked for a while, and thought about the idea of all three of us meeting for the first time. We thought this might put a face on the phantoms that the we two males have become to one another. Maybe it could be an exercise in conquering our insecurities. How would I feel SEEING him kiss her in front of me, rather than THINKING about him kissing her when she is out seeing him?

A bit of a rant, but I'd like to get a perspective on the whole meeting idea. I feel like it could be beneficial, but there are also risks of us really being uncomfortable, or hating each other, or ruining the relationship with the girl.
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