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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post

Flamekat would you be alright with your partner exploring outside relationships? I don't think these hypotheticals really work because these types of situations are so full of emotions that its something that has to be experienced, but I had to ask. Thanks D

yes I would be alright with it - it would bring up some issues of my own that we would work through, but yes it would be okay. (In my marriage I was cheated on by my ex, I offered to open the marriage for him - he declined as he prefered to lie to me and be deceitful among other things, which included controlling me)

hypothetical or not... we can't experience those issues until we have worked to the point that WW is able to accept the possibility and be okay with it... and I have to say that the degree to which he visualises... he does experience it and we do work through it... I think that a lot of the time actually working through it as we experience it would be easier on him as (I feel) his own imagination makes things much worse than they really would be...

and I point out that while we may not be in throes of those 'real experiences'... we too are dealing with the same issue - just at a different stage of it and in a different way... it may not work for you - but for now, it works for us... I don't know how many others choose the hypothetical course first and then move forward onto actuals, but I am sure there are others, and my words may help them...
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