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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
What do you mean, youre home, but don't work? Are you raising young children, running a household, cooking and cleaning? Thats work. You must be doing something if you dont have time for a nice quiet daily vibrator session...
I am home, working on some personal projects. But the key element I was thinking of was: privacy. It's one thing to masturbate with a partner in the room. It's another thing entirely to have a partner walk in on a little personal masturbation time.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Read The Woman's Anatomy of Arousal. Excellent book about learning to claim our birthright of sexual delight. For example, you said you don't make sounds when having sex til the moment of orgasm? The author encourages making sounds as your arousal builds. She also offers lots of tips for partners.
I'll take a look at that book.

As for making noise, I do when it begins to build...but there's a *whole* lot of time (depending on the situation) between one of my partners first touching me and that point where arousal is building. If either of them (or both of them!) focus on me first, it's going to be a long, quiet time before anything happens.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Having another woman in the mix who seems more sexual than you would really compound the sexual problems you and your husband were already having.
Agreed. I think it's not helping that I'd written off our challenges as "normal married life". We've been together for 2 decades now. *shrugs* So, I wasn't pushing it and I did have the privacy to play solo, if I needed to.

Now, however, there are play sessions where I get my motor revved.... and then nothing. So I'm left with a need that's not fulfilled and no real place to handle it.

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