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I'm finding it a little hard to follow. Is there a question here? Perhaps some clarification? It sounds like you and your girlfriend had a threesome, she fell in love with the man, your friend and he didn't with her. You had a threesome with this man involved again with another woman and you feel in love with the woman. You did this behind your girlfriends back. You were riducled for wanting some touch and closeness rather than sex.

Okay, so let's say what I got out of this is the case for you. I wonder if your girlfriend is feeling sad, cheated on and rejected by you, and the other man. I would imagine she is dealing with the emotions behind having to deal with the fact that you had another threesome with this man to which she was not involved. Also that you fell in love. That's what, three hard things to deal with? Wow!

As for you... I'm not following what is going on for you. It sounds like you and your friend are very different. He enjoys casual encounters with women. You enjoy depth and connection with them. No wonder he thought it okay to ridicule. If I were in your position I would not engage with him oin this way again and explain why. Friends don't ridicule, they respect and take into consideration peoples feelings. At least in my world anyway.

Could you say more about your inner love. I'm not following that part. Thanks
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