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Originally Posted by hurricandrunk View Post
Hello, attempting to introduce myself..
I'm 20, currently single, living in the UK, nearly always female and tell people i'm bi sexual. It's a long running joke with family and friends i should have been a boy :P to be honest i've got to the point where i'm equally comfortable dressed up pretty or with people mistaking me as a dude.
Welcome hurrican. why did you leave off the e in hurricane and what's with the drunk bit?

I also consider myself to be genderfluid. I used to get hit on by gay men sometimes when I dressed butch, back in my younger days. These days I am usually either kinda femme or soft butch, depending on my mood.

As far as preferences go, I am attracted to femmes or soft butches, no matter what they've got between their legs. I'm pansexual and my gf is a transwoman. But I date men, love men, despite their infuriatiingly bad communication styles. Damn that testosterone!

I also swing between being domme or sub.


on a more generic level my interests are reasonably varied...
I enjoy reading, writing and drawing. i've recently taken up photography. I enjoy learning about new cultures and started learning Japanese last year.
We have much in common there. Welcome to the board. Poly is a big thing for young people to take on... it takes a lot of self-knowledge and sensitivity to others' needs. (I'm 55 and still working on all that.)
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