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As the "leader" of our personal V, I find that I am frequenly frusterated by the lack of the ladies "speed". First with Mo, now with Cricket. I've done a lot of analyzing this over the past few months, and it generally boils down to my frusteration stemming from either A) not knowing or having a clue when we're actually going to get to the "van", or B) (and more recently with Cricket) a very real, hard to deal with fear that the van fucking left, IE I've lost the chance to be in a relationship with a woman I am very much in love with.

In both cases, the problems are MY problems, not theirs. It's easy to blame the "slow scouts" for not wanting to keep up. But if you take a step back and see that they are still trudging, maybe even crawling, forward, then you are forced to ask yourself why their speed isn't enough for you, and how that's fair to them.

For me, the way I deal is to keep my own insecurities in check (lately, that entails lots of communication with Cricket) and also to remember that the van is for ALL of us, not just for me. If Mo and Cricket aren't in that van with me, then I don't want to be in the van either.
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