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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
In a situation where anyone is suffering, the immediate response of caring people is to ask, how do I relieve this suffering, if I can?
This is something Karma and I learned on this forum and it was HUGE in helping me. It added to his frustration at times when I didn't know how he could help me. But the fact that he asked was a big thing for me.

It was no longer "What can I do to make you catch up with us." It became "I caused this pain, what can I do to help you. I see you are in pain, how can I relieve it. How can I make it better."

I no longer felt like I had to hurry up and heal and get on the same page as them. I don't know that I'll ever be on that page. But I no longer care. I don't have to be.

It felt like it went from Karma wanting me to be okay with it all for his gain, to feeling like he really cared about me and my pain and wanting to help me feel better.

Things moved a lot faster and were a lot easier when I felt cared about and not rushed.Knowing he wanted me happy and healthy for me and not just so he can get what he wants, made a big difference.
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