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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Why are you trying so hard? I know I said I would be silent but once you mentioned fitting a monogamous mind into a quad I wondered what your driving force is. I am in a polyamorous relationship but am not polyamorous. As long as you are making this move because you "want to" that is the important thing.
Take care.
Because I'm in a quad and because I love them all. I want to have a relationship with all of them. But my background, my beliefs, my moral compass have all always pointed to monogamous. It's hard for me to understand the feelings I'm having now. Part of me says, "This feels right"; part of me says, "How can I even consider this? I'm going to lose everything". I want to be in this quad with these people, but I'm struggling to understand how everything works, and hoping to get good advice from people who have already been where I am now.
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