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Default Help with my Girlfriend

Hello, Im here because I need some help. I am a monogamous just to let you know, but my girlfriend believes she is polyamory and I need help. She believes she has been polyamory her whole life even though she has had only one poly relationship her whole life. She has lived as a mono and our relationship has been mono also for the past year.

Now my problem is that I dont want us or anyone else getting hurt in this matter. It started out that she wants to date girls since she is bi but she cant in our mono relationship. Now knowing her, I know that most of her relationsips have been with females so I think she prefers them over males. Next I know I am the jealous type and so is she because Ive only had a female cuddle with me once while we've been together and she instantly locked up and wouldn't talk to me till we left. She is still young and stubborn and I have freinds with experience in these relationships but she wont listen. She believes she can do it cause she has had one relationship that she called a poly relationship. But really the guy she was dating cheated on her all the time, abused her and ruined her life. I know cause I spent the past year fixing it. And only her girlfriend actual cared for her making it really only a mono relationship with a guy on the side who didnt care. I just dont want my love getting her, myself or anyone else hurt... I can give more details as this thread goes on. I just cant think straight at the moment which is why I ask you, the "TRUE" poly people for help. She is as stubborn as I and thinks she knows what she's doing but she is only 17 while Im 18. Nether of us know what we're really doing but I care for her. Please help us.
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