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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
When I visited New Zealand with a bunch of other New Yorkers, we rented a car and had it worked out so that the two of us in the front seat would basically drive. One was steering, the other in the passenger seat was working the clutch. This was easier for the person on the left to do, because she was used to using her right hand to do it, while the driver just focused on the wheel and pedals. Those of us in the back seat (who didn't know how to drive a stick shift) were assigned to look in the correct direction and remind the driver which lane to turn into. It was especially hard to remember where to turn on desolate roads.

Truly a team effort! Haha!
I'll have to ask how hard it was for Dave driving with the wheel on the left when he and my mum get back from Canada haha. Over in America, most cars are auto though aren't they? So I doubt it's as much trouble as you having to switch to having a stick as well as the wheel on the wrong side. =P Going to the rest of Europe, there's only the wrong side of the road to worry about usually, because you can generally take your own car. A lot cheaper than flying and renting out a different car for sure.
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