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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance
I am wondering-within yourself-what is your feeling on what makes a reasonable compromise-not necessarily in looking at this example (which Mono posed to start the thread)-but taking his same questions, using any example in your life?

It seems to me that you have already been struggling to find a compromise regarding Leo-not pertinent to Mono-regarding Leo's life choices, your life choices and the feelings you two share...
I'm wondering if you struggle with the same type of questions in that (and any other) decision as Mono brought up in this thread?
I'm not sure I understand the question here. I really want to as I think it might be helpful... could you try explaining a different way? thanks
I'll try.

Mono started the thread asking a series of questions about compromise and what was (or was not) reasonable.
I was wondering if you could pose the same questions using a different example-instead of the example he used, of the situation in your and he's relationship.
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