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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
1. There is too much information for me to navigate through and not enough time. I am not sure if anyone has any suggestions for narrowing it down - ? I am simply overwhelmed every time I sign on.
If you click on "quick links" then "todays posts", that will give you a list of only the threads that had been posted THAT DAY.
THEN, if you get through those and still have time, you can start searching through randomly.

Also-for myself, I avoid the intros page and the "new to poly" pages unless time in in my hands. Most of those pages are repetitive. ie people introducing themselves and asking "OMG how do i deal with poly" type questions. It's GOOD to pop in and answer them periodically-but I keep that for "free time" after I've gotten my "fill" of helpful info from the other boards.

Same with spirituality & polyamory, meetings & events, Press & media coverage and all of the listings under dating. I skip those unless I have a lot of time and nothing else to do.

Much less overwhelming.
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