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Default How we work

I thought I would start a thread that has a sole purpose of explaining bits of ourselves. Originally I was going to call it Character Flaws and discuss certain aspects of my personality that are sometimes less than appreciated. That is too negative, too limiting and too much about me.

I will start by explaining a little bit about how I interact with people and offer explanations as to why.

I have a reflective personality. In simple terms, I have a tendency to reflect the attitude I perceive I am engaged with back at who is communicating with me; "Like Produces Like". I normally always initiate interactions in a positive way because I am friendly Similarly, if I am engaged in a friendly manner I respond in kind. The problem with perception is that it can be wrong.

BUT...If I am engaged in a way I perceive as aggressive, judgemental or passive aggressive I also have a tendency to reflect that. We all know I can be passive aggressive. The other thing is that I am trained in many areas of conflict to respond a certain way. I am trained to use a higher level of force to ensure the aggression ceases; my response is to hit harder than I am hit, so to speak. I don't go on the defensive to withstand a threat; I go on the offensive to end the threat. This is perfectly fine in some areas of life but does not translate well in others especially when the "threat" is not one that can cause real damage. But I am human so it is hard not to respond and when triggered it takes a while for me to come down from that. We have seen this on the forums as well…I do actually restrain myself though…I really try. While I try to de-escalate situations, once that fails I am not the type to turn the other cheek or overcome a conflict in a peaceful manner. Given the chance to walk away I will take it, but if I am followed or cornered I engage.

I am working on trying not to respond to things that are less than productive...have patience.
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