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Originally Posted by River View Post
This sort of request would perhaps make more sense if people in the fora were required to use their actual name, but since most all of us are using pseudonyms there seems little need to protect privacy by hiding behind a search engine / topic search firewall. What is the concern behind this request?

I find search engine accessibility here useful to the fora in various ways. But I'm certainly open to a discussion on the matter (as a former and early moderator / administrator on the site).

The owner of this forum wants it to be as accessible as possible. We tried making it "registered viewers only" once and he didn't want it that way so it was put back to the way it is now. This is not something that is up for a vote or a debate. Of course, people can debate about it all they want, but it ain't gonna change.

If you don't want your personal life known on the internet, then don't write about your personal life on the internet. It really is that simple.
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