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If I didn't have this forum I'd be lost. It has really helped me -- my poly life is a deep secret that I have only shared with one trusted friend, and even she is a little freaked by it!

My husband has been on a few times but he tends to get cranky after being here. I think he loses perspective that everyone does poly in their OWN way, and that what works for some might not work for others (us), and in fact could be disastrous!

Coming here to read the stories of others is refreshing after an entire lifetime of fairy tales, "Christian values," and monogamy-ONLY romantic ideals. Also after a lifetime of hearing what SLUTS people are who love more than one person . I have met so many wonderful people on here who I admire and respect.

For me the downfalls on here are:

1. There is too much information for me to navigate through and not enough time. I am not sure if anyone has any suggestions for narrowing it down - ? I am simply overwhelmed every time I sign on.

2. I am sad that everyone lives so far apart. For example, I am very envious of the CANADIANS, who have gone camping and bonded in Real Life!

3. I also wish there were a place for members only, as I am still skittish over privacy issues. Unfortunately, at this point I can't imagine posting pictures of myself or my family.

I often tend to write faster than I think, so I hope you all forgive me for my frequent ramblings. I am extremely humbled by the fantastic writers on this forum!
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