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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
In all honesty stepping back is not what I want...but what I would need to do and none of us can predict what that would lead to. But at least it is something on the table to work with if they want to continue as they are. I'm trying LOL
Hey Mon

I think this is at the heart of mono struggles and mindset. That desire to freeze moments in time that are special and beautiful. Just sit there forever and glow.

But you know too that life isn't like that. Nor relationships. We can't 'freeze-frame'. Things are always changing and evolving. Sometimes in a direction we like. Sometimes not. But the one thing we DO know is that wherever they happen to be at the moment won't remain. Whether it's positive or negative. It WILL change over time.

So your fears of things shifting are kind of self torture. They're going to shift eventually, for some reason eventually anyway. Better to develop coping mechanisms from the shifts than just inflict avoidable pain ?

Every survived instance seems to reinforce the "this too will pass" foundation.

Breath deep my friend !

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