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Originally Posted by RfromRMC View Post
Thanks for the input everyone. Gives me some good insight.

It's a struggle to remain out of it, I'll tell ya. For one, if they're miserable, I usually am too. Secondly, I tend to be the nurturer type of the group....M teases me and calls me "Mom"...Grrrr.
So it is definitely instinctive of me to step in and try to put the fire out....but what y'all are saying, it sounds like I'm more likely to fan the flames and just make matters worse. I'll definitely try for a while sitting back when these instances happen.
I think it's fine in most circumstances to try to be a 'resource' to defuse conflict.

But that's entirely different than becoming personally attached to it. Taking some part of 'ownership'. That's where it becomes problematic.

The 'conflictors' need to sort out their own conflict in the end. They need the skills practice if nothing else ! A little guidance offered does no harm usually. But taking it on as a project can lead to ruin and turmoil pretty fast !

Make sense ?

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