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I hope redpepper is right, and it was a cry for help, and not as JonnyAce thought: that he's looking for an out. I don't know which it is. He did go talk to a counselor last night, and wants me to go alone, then us together. This is a poly/relationship counselor. I have to think that it's a good sign he went independently. He does feel bad about what he did, but we haven't had a lot of opportunity to talk about things further because of our different work schedules and him being at the counselor for a long time last night.

I find it interesting that everyone here thinks it would be ok to talk to the other woman, but the person whose advice i trust the most irl said no, it's your boyfriends problem/mistake, not hers. he thinks it would complicate things, or i would get upset and make it worse. now that redpepper has put it into words, I do think one of the big reasons I want to say something to her is because he did make me look like a fool in front of other people. I was very good about keeping my composure so most people did not know (this from the party host), but she did and I want her to know. I do think her actions played a part in this and I don't want her to be a part of a Next Time with some other unsuspecting couple. But I can tell I'm still coming from a place of anger with regard to the part she played, so I'm on the fence about it. Perhaps my friend is right: no good result can come.
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