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Default looking into myself....

In response to the posts about looking into one's self....

While I DON'T paint everyone with this same brush......and it's NOT always my ONLY motivation.....

I have discovered that often when I feel a need to connect with someone else.....a need to pursue another partner - even when previously I have agreed to certain boundaries of what is now (currently re-negotiating) a poly-fi desire for connection with others is a direct result of my feelings about myself.

If I'm not feeling good about myself. If I've stumbled into an area of low self-esteem. If I'm generally not feeling - not affirming - my own self-worth, I have an overwhelming need to seek it elsewhere.

The smallest spark of attraction, or NRE, is SO powerful - it can completely obliterate all the negative I'm attempting to hide from. Taking a step back to work on myself often significantly changes my level of attraction to others and my level of satisfaction with those I already have in my life.

Just a thought.

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