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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
The question what ends? That is our ultimate dilemma is it not? Growing and learning are words used to describe what goal?

If I may, can a play a bit of devil's advocate? I could be wrong but when I read this I think that budging, growing and learning are directly related to me relaxing my boundaries around men entering our lives. To me (and I would suspect a lot of mono people) that would not be growth...but a sacrifice that I will ultimately have to look very hard at if I am to be in your life the way I am today. What else could these words refer to in the context of this thread?
The goal is to move in life. Life is a continuous cycle of growth and learning. That is all their is really... that and what we do with the cycle. The goal is increased knowledge without an agenda. At least this is my way of thinking of it...

You can take what I say however you want Mono. Perhaps there is something in looking at that. Why you would look at what I say in terms of me insisting that you relax your boundaries about me having other men enter our lives together? What makes you think that this is my first thought? What is behind that? I asked you today what is behind all this for you and you don't have an answer for me... you don't seem to understand my question.

To me there is stuff going on behind the veil of all this. We just haven't gotten to the root of it in order to pluck it out. I am putting it out there, but haven't received any answers. I am not suggesting that anything change with the answer, just that looking for something more might be helpful in understanding one another.
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