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Just so you know... Sometimes Mono does come across as an arrogant. I have been furiously angry with him on this point. It indicates he has been pushed too far and doesn't think he is spoken to with a repsectful tone or is struggling emotionally with what is being said.

Sometimes that is founded and sometimes not. Sometimes radical honesty is hard to hear and I try and remember to word things very carefully at certain times and back off when I suspect its too much for him. Its hard to know all that on line so taking a break might be best for all maybe.

I understand this is all hard to swallow for some people. Believe me I GET THAT more than anyone! I have been very frustrated and angry, but it isn't Mono's fault. I have blamed him, but what good does that do? It doesn't make things progress but makes it harder to move forward because we are at each others throat.

He has stuff to work on for sure, but it is for him to do, not me and I have found a way to work around it for now. I am choosing to look at my own stuff. That is all I can do. He can do as he chooses. All anyone can do is work on themselves. Time will tell if its the choices I have made are the right choices.
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