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I just wanted to say at this point that I am reading and noticing the questions being asked are all ones I have. I have also pointed out similar points. I have given Mono the space to talk on here or not. His choice. I don't think it is my place to talk about his stuff on here unless he feels comfortable or brings it up himself...I will post after I check in with him. Likely, mostly on my blog.

Thank you for asking hard questions. Its so important in helping us figure it all out. I like the bluntness myself. But it is hard to hear it put in a way sometimes that isn't delicate with our emotions. We are past that now and sarcastically joke about it. This thread was likely started (let me know Mono if I'm wrong) because we are able to put emotion aside for the most part. Sometimes there are triggers though and I thank all of you for your patience ahead of time as we continue to work through stuff with as much good humour and rational thought as possible.
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