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If they want our UGLY TV as well they can have it as well if they can move it. It took 4 men just to get it in place. It is not a flat screen but works quite well so why replace it.

We are pretty sure that one of the movers took the knives and swords (since he help to pack them up, Our mistake.) but the theft was not discovered until about 2 months later when were ready to put that stuff back on display in their cabinet and on the wall. When we contacted the moving company they told us he was no longer employed there and he was no longer living at the address we were given for him. No problem we will replace them one day.

In my city in 2009 we had more people killed in auto accidents, electrocutions, overdoes of drugs, trips and falls, poisons, and other than gun related deaths.

When you come to the U.S. your biggest fear shoudl be will I get killed in an auto accident or something not who is packing heat or not. Do not fear the honest folks here any more then you fear the folks in your own country down under.
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